Load Proportion Valve Arm Adjuster. NEXT POST RUN WED APRIL 17

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A simple product in the sharpetooling range is this 3 inch Load proportion Valve Adjuster to suit 40/60/75/76/78/79/80/105 series Landcruisers which are fitted with a BRAKE LOAD PROPORTION VALVE.

This product is ADJUSTABLE and suitable for all size lift kits up to 3 inches. 

Please Note - 70 series Landcruisers produced after 'Late 2016' are optioned with ABS and Stability Control. Research shows that some of these late model vehicles do not have a LPV fitted. Please ensure your late model cruiser has a LPV before buying this product.

Most 2 inch lift kits actually raise the vehicle to 3 inches.

This 3 inch ADJUSTER is to be fitted when your Landcruiser has a lift kit installed to ensure the rear brakes function as expected. When your rig has a lift, the rear brakes are not balanced properly due to the Brake Load Proportion Valve sensing the car is sitting 2-3 inches higher than normal.

Essentially the car thinks that you are empty and that less brakes are required on the rear.

To get your brakes working effectively again, simply fit this ADJUSTER.

This 3 inch ADJUSTER is suitable for any size lift up to 3 inches.

Before fitting your lift kit, take a measurement from the middle of the rear wheel hub to the body. Once you have this base measurement, install the lift kit. With the new lift kit installed, measure the actual lift - rear wheel hub to body. Actual lift height is the difference between before lift and after lift measurements.

Install the LPV ADJUSTER and lift the LPV arm up to suit the 'Actual Lift Height'.

Its actually very simple.