Collection: 25mm Bad Boy Brass Drifts


A new addition to the product range is the 25mm Bad Boy.

Manufactured from 352 grade riveting brass, this 25 mm x 250 mm long Bad Boy Brass Drift features your choice of Diamond, Straight or Spiral Cut Knurled Hand Grip.

Brass Drifts are used in between your hammer and the part that needs 'Persuading' . Hitting with a hammer whilst holding the drift against you chosen component will allow you to apply high impact without causing any damage.

A super heavy duty no nonsense flogging tool.

He applies the force to the target with out leaving a mark, he is simply ready for a bashing.

The perfect tool for jobs that need a good flogging when not wanting to leave a witness mark behind.

A real hit man of a drift.

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  • 1 inch Diameter Bad Boy Brass Drift.
    1 inch Diameter Bad Boy Brass Drift.
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