About sharpetooling


The reason I have created sharpetooling.com is due to this one question...

Why is it that we can't find solutions for the most simple of problems?

I believe that with our throw away culture, we have developed a view that if something breaks we just get another one.

Why can't we have some good old fashioned quality tools and gear that really lasts generations?

With our love of the 4x4 scene, we all know the ideas that have been left at the campfire because we don't know how to develop them. Well it's now time to keep rolling and get these ideas out and manufactured.

Sharpetooling.com is located in Adelaide, and with first class connections in the field of Engineering & Manufacture, I support local Aussie jobs with the tooling that I sell.

I trust you all see the benefit of supporting Australian industry.

Stand by for further social media links and footage of what I have been up to.

Thank you Australia.