Introducing ‘3 times finer’ adjustment of your Landcruiser rear wheel full floating hub bearings.

The 3xF hubnut is a fully engineered component that is certified as safe for ON and OFF road use. You will not experience and legal or insurance issue when fitting the 3xfiner Hubnut to your Landcruiser.

Purely designed and manufactured to be a direct replacement of the factory fitted Toyota rear wheel bearing hubnut on the full floating hub of the 40, 55, 60, 75/76/78/79, 80 and 105 series Landcruiser.

There has never been a perfect bearing preload for the Landcruiser until now!!!

The 3xf hubnut has three times more lock screw setting holes in comparison to the factory nut, therefore, giving three times as many options for setting the bearing preload.

The Toyota hubnut has six holes and the 3xF hubnut has eighteen holes.

The 3xF hubnut is very easy to use; simply remove the factory wheel bearing hubnut and fit the 3xF hubnut in the same manner as the factory item. However the 3xF hubnut gives the user 3 times finer adjustment of the rear bearing which will get the clearance and preload absolutely perfect every time.

A custom triangular shaped tool is included in the 3xF hubnut kit to allow the user to apply torque to the nut to seat the bearings in place and set the correct pre load of your choosing.

Your exisiting lock screws will be reused to lock the nut into place. If you do wish to replace the lock screws, Toyota can supply the screws – Part number 42419-60011.

Materials and Manufacture

In direct comparison to the die cast mild steel factory hubnut, the 3xF hubnut is a superior design which allows three time finer adjustment of the wheel bearings and is CNC machined from a superior material - 4140 billet chromoly.

Chromoly has a significantly higher strength to weight ratio than mild steel.

The testing process has produced proven data to international standards that the 3xfiner hubnut is 1.5+ times stronger than the factory component. There is no doubt that 3xfiner hubnut will not let you down.

Our manufacturing shop in Adelaide produces the 3xf hubnut on CNC lathes and mills which produce components in a highly consistent manner with perfect surface finishes.

During the production process we ensure the internal thread on the hub nut is to the exact standards set by Toyota. To check consistency on internal threads we use a GO/NO GO plug gauge which has been manufactured by SG Pretty (gauge specialists) in Melbourne Australia.

A system of thread classes, each representing a comparative degree of tightness, has been established and universally adopted, to provide manufacturers and users of threaded products with a common language of specification. The thread classes designate minimum and maximum pitch diameters for internal and external threads.

When threaded parts are mated, the two parts must assemble with a degree of tightness dictated by the use of the fastener, in the case of the Toyota Hubnut the thread class is ‘H6’.

With the internal thread of the 3xF hubnut being the critical machined aspect of the component we use the GO/NOGO gauge to ensure all 3xFiner threads are machined within the tolerances which meet the H6 standard.

The 3xf hubnut has been confirmed as a superior product in comparison to the factory component. The metallurgical analysis and strength testing has been conducted by Bureau Veritas’s asset integrity and reliability division who are specialists in component engineering and development for the aerospace, mining and the automotive industries.

Over all application analysis and Automotive Engineering approval has been completed by Phil Degenhardt from Motiv Engineering in Adelaide.

When you buy a 3xF Hubnut kit, you buy a quality AUSTRALIAN MADE & DEVELOPED product which will not let you down.



01/79 - 10/84     BJ40 BJ42 FJ40 FJ45 FJ55 HJ45 HJ47

08/80 – 12/89   FJ60 FJ62 HJ60 HJ61

1/79 – UP.           BJ70 BJ73 BJ74 FJ70 FJ73 FJ75 FZJ70 FZJ75

FZJ78 FZJ79 HDJ78 HDJ79 HJ75 HZJ70 HZJ73 HZJ75


1/90 – 12/97.      FJ80 FZJ80 HDJ80 HZJ80

1/98 – 8/07         FZJ105 HZJ105

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