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At, I have manufactured this Spindle Greaser to eliminate Spindle Bearing failures in the front stub axles of Toyota Landcruisers.

The Spindle Bearing is a small needle bearing which is pressed into the stub axle on the front steering knuckle. When exposed to abuse like water crossings and the lack of maintenance, the Spindle Bearing becomes the most unloved and forgotten bearing on a Landcruiser.

With water and dust ingress the bearing can seize which in turn damages the CV shaft and stub axle causing terminal failures. The only fix in the bush is a new stub axle and / or CV shaft.

The Spindle Greaser is designed to be used when the front wheel bearings are being adjusted. 

With the wheel bearing lock nut removed, screw the Spindle Greaser onto the stub axle and pump the grease deep into the steering knuckle. This process repacks the Spindle Bearing with grease and extends the life of the mechanism.

Whilst adjusting the wheel bearings, this greasing process take a further 2 minutes per side.

Saving you time, money and unexpected failures.

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