M10 x 1.25 Stud Install Tool - Suits 76/78/79/105 series Landcruisers. NEXT POST WED MAY 15TH

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M10 x 1.25 suits 76 / 78 / 79 / 105 series Landcruisers. All coil suspension front end Landcruisers have the larger 10mm studs on the wheel hubs.

Presenting my Stud Install tools to keep your wheel hub studs tight.

Every time you remove the hub nuts to access the front CVs or when removing the rear axles, the motion of removing the nub nuts actually starts to remove the hub studs as well. It is only a very small action which over a multiple of times removing the hub nuts - the STUDS actually become loose them selves.

SOLUTION -  Every time you remove the hub nuts, fit the stud install tool and crank the studs back up tight. You will be amazed how loose the studs have become with out you being aware of the problem.

Simply screw the Stud Install Tool onto the stud, fit a 17mm spanner to the tool and tighten the stud.

Loose hub studs = hub problems including the notorious broken Hub Stud issue that is so famous with our Landcruisers.

An essential piece of kit for every Landcruiser owner.